welcome to my corner of the internet. I go by many names in the realms of the interwebs, but my most common (and also most preferred) handle is Luke Skytrekker. You can just call me Luke.

This blog is for pretty much everything I feel like writing about; from philosophy, to writing, to movies and video games. Anything under the sun. The only consistency you’re probably going to see is that I tend to think fairly deeply (often about things nobody really stops to think about), and to dream very lightly. I can analyze and consider things very thoroughly, but I can also rhapsodize at great length about anything that strikes my fancy. Sometimes I do both. It can get messy.

Admittedly, I don’t frequent this place as much as I should. You’re more likely to find me on Twitter or Google Plus these days, or with my gaming group the Brick Barons on Steam. However, every now and then, I’ll feel the need to write something a little more substantial than a short social media post or a gaming group announcement, and I’ll come here. Or, even more occasionally, I’ll post something to the gaming news site I’m a writer for. My work there, though, is highly sporadic, and very different from most of that site’s other content (I’m not the only writer there).

Though I write a great deal, aside from articles on this blog and on the aforementioned gaming news site, very little of my written work has actually made its way onto the internet. The only published work of mine readily available is a short interactive story called Blow Out of the Candles. I did release some stories on the Lego Message Boards at one point under the name HermanPlatina, but I never finished any of them and, admittedly, none of them were very good. Not to mention those boards are now shut down, so the whole thing is really moot.

I have run some other blogs in the past, the only two I’m still particularly fond of being Zorxblog (the fictional soliloquy of a disguised extraterrestrial), and The Brick Idea Hub (a very old site of mine where I tried to gain viewership for little-known projects on Lego Ideas). I’m trying to renew my posting habits on Zorxblog, so you may want to check it out if social satire’s your thing.

If you really would like to see some visual instead of written work of mine, you can check out my gaming Youtube channel. I run it as a hobby, so don’t expect amazingly professional content, but I’m excited about some of the stuff I’m doing over there.

If you want to know who I actually am, sorry, that’s confidential. However, I can arbitrarily list some interests of mine, following in the footsteps of usual blogging clichés. Aside from being a writer, I’m a big fan of video games (especially indie ones, and especially indie space ones), Legos (particularly classic space and stuff from the ’80s no one’s ever heard of), Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Mystery Science Theater 3000, and lots of other obscure, nerdy stuff.

Thanks for stopping by, if you’ve read all this, you’re awesome!

—Skytrekker out.



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