Keeping About pages up to date is a pain, so I’ve made a new resolution to be as vague as possible here, so as to lengthen the overall shelf-life of this place. It only sounds cheap of me on paper, really it’s a good idea. Honest.

Hi, I’m (probably) a human being, on a planet most people call Earth (though I’m not aware of any committee where we actually sat down and decided that). Okay, perhaps that’s too vague, but whatever, I’ve committed, so let’s just go with this. We good? Good.

I’m a man of many names (sounds cool, right?), but my most common internet handle is Luke Skytrekker, so let’s just go with that. It’s a homage to my fandom of Star Wars and Star Trek, which I both love. Space stuff is awesome, am I right? Especially space games. Those are rad. No Man’s Sky? The bomb. Yeah, okay, I hear the crickets, I know. Let me have this, though, okay?

I’ve been telling stories since I knew what words were, for the most part, though I can’t pretend I was very good at it most of the time. I’ve managed to get to a point where I’m writing stuff I actually enjoy reading afterwards, for the most part, though, and I like to think that’s a pretty good start. At the time of the creation of this About Page, the majority of my publicly available work consists of TEJFAF, my absurdist, serial sci-fi story that totally isn’t a vague ripoff of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. In the words of an inspiring man, “Hey dude, it was a really formative piece of work, and I took a lot of inspiration from it.” Joking aside, I am actually pretty proud of TEJFAf, in a weird way, so if you like laughing, and you like slapped-together pseudo-satire, and weird, funny sci-fi is just generally your thing, you should check it out. Well, maybe not should, but could you? Please? It’s really rather fun.

I’ve also written a couple interactive fiction stories, but I don’t have much to say about those, so if you like that kind of thing (I know I do), here’s a linky link. Enjoy the linky link. Makes friends with it. Cherish your linky link forever and always. Okay, this is just getting weird now. Moving on.

While I’m part of a lot of sites, some more social than others, I have a tendency to silently flee such places in the night in a hooded cloak, so I can’t say where you’ll be most likely to get in touch with me (keeping this vague, remember? Shelf-life, guys, think of the shelf-life here). I’m on Twitter, Youtube, and Flickr (where there be Legos—Legos are awesome! And don’t tell me it’s “Lego” or “Lego Bricks,” life isn’t about being Righter Than the Other Guy, as tempting as that is for us all), to name a couple of the bigger ones. I would also like to just take a moment of silence to remember the Lego Message Boards that were, and mourn the fact that they aren’t now.

That was nice. Okay. I’m better now. You good? Okay, good.

I’m really not sure what else to say here, actually. I could list off a bunch of my random attributes, but you’ll probably get a better idea of who I am just by reading my writing, anyway. Or who I make myself out to be, anyway… Duhn duhn duhn… Do you put commas between duhn duhns? Duhn, duhn, duhn? I have no idea, actually. Huh. Food for thought. If there’s food for thought, by the way, is there drink for thought? Do thoughts get thirsty? Is that why we need to read books to keep ourselves going?

I probably should’ve just skipped this and made a links page. Maybe I still will. Or maybe I’ll split the difference and just dump a bunch of links here at the bottom.


—Did you know that I’m sick? Are you interested in that for some reason (maybe you’re sick, too?)? Can you put two question marks together like that? Anyway, here’s a link to Just Pretend You’re Dancing, my blog about being chronically ill and other fun things that make you depressed.

—At the time of writing, I play a Goliath named Gavin on the Dungeons and Dragons podcast Tales of Swordfall! It’s super rad, and I get to run around and act super clumsy.

—Aside from my main gaming Youtube channel, I also made a sci-fi radio thing called Infinity.4 with my Brother. It’s more absurdist sci-fi, but this time with voice acting! You’ll enjoy it.


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