A Few Meditations

A couple weeks ago I wound up in a pseudo-poetic mood, and since I wasn’t feeling up to writing any actual poetry (keeping track of meters can be a headache), I just jotted down a bunch of random phrases that occurred to me instead. I daresay they’re not particularly good, and honestly I’m not actually sure if I agreed with most of them, but they sounded nice and so I thought I’d share some of the better ones. A few of them are probably rather trite and cheesy—inspirational beach sunset poster fare, like as not. But, then again, perhaps you had some inspirational beach sunset posters wanting captions.

“The world is a mystery, and I am but a puzzler wandering these weary wastes; alone in thought and deed, a voice of reason trapped inside the body of a weak man.”

“There is a fairyland beyond it all where ideas are born; nourished and raised on the sweet nectar of inspiration and gifted with wings immaterial to alight upon the thoughts of the mortal mind.”

“If I was a tree, I would not grow upwards to rear above the rest and touch the mighty sky; but rather I would grow outwards, and give to all my welcome shade.”

“Tears are the seeds of change.” Now that was a cheesy one. Probably shouldn’t’ve bothered posting that one.

“If I mourned the loss of all things, and filled the rivers of time with the weeping pieces of my broken heart, would I have time to feel any joy?”

“Hatred burns hottest in the heart of the hater, and it is his heart that is consumed for fuel.”

“If I cried a tear for every sorrow that I saw in a single day, I would be washed away; but if I cried one for every joy I left unnoticed, I would drown.”

“It is precisely the people who have failed who will say you cannot succeed.”

“A broken window is a sorry sight, but it is also a way out.” I’ll be honest, I have no idea what that one means.

“If there is no way out, it is because you are beating the wall and ignoring the door.”

“To be is to cry and to laugh and to give it up for someone else.”

“A book is like a sailboat: the words are the wind, but you have to provide the sail.”

“A story is useless without readers, and beauty is nothing without eyes.”

“Many people want to be strong, and many others want to be beautiful, but few want to be good.”

“If I dreamed a dream of reality, would it be a dream at all?” Now that one is trite.

“If I sound wise and speak in rhythm, can you help but feel inspired?” Sometimes I can’t help a little self-parody.

“Just as a picture is marred by a streak down its center, so is society marred when it is divided by a wall; and just as a picture is nothing without the lines that give it shape, so a society is nothing without the boundaries that give it meaning.”

“To wish upon a star is nothing; to believe a star can grant a wish is another.”

“If I ran a thousand miles to find you, would you think me a fool or a saint?”

“Something is weird if we do not understand it in the slightest, or if we know it all too well.”

“I cannot abide people who sit around complaining when they have the tools to make a difference, while many sit by unable to lift a hand and yet are fired by an inspiration they cannot harness.”

“Ultimately, there are two feelings in life: Loss and meaninglessness. Which would you rather have?”

“If everyone died, would anyone notice?”

As you can see, the last few get progressively darker, but that tends to be the way of things in my writing. The lattermost actually had a variation that went, “If we all died and went to Hell, would anyone notice?” but that was frankly just stupid. A nice little bit of poetic ranting against the miseries in the world, but just stupid in its blindness and intellectually foolery.

Honestly I don’t really know what the point of this whole post was, but I’ve made a resolution to just post what I actually write and not worry about it, so that’s that. I hope at least one of these stirred something vaguely poetic inside you. At the very least, I hope you found a nice caption for your inspirational beach sunset.


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