Giving In To the Old Temptation

I did it—I made yet another new blog. But it’s not going to be a replacement for this one, thankfully. No, I’ve had this lovely blog for too long to give it up—it’ll still remain as my (theoretically) primary writing blog. All the important stuff is gonna be here, more or less.

Nonetheless, I am making another blog, and I thought I’d link to it. It’s no mystery to most people that I have a lot of health issues, and this blog is primarily concerned with that. It also gives me a chance to write in a more comedic tone, and also just talk about my personal life in some fashion, so it’s going to be rather fun. However, I recognize ninety-percent of people are not going to want to hear about all the crud wrong with me, so such things will be isolated to this new blog. Think Deeply, Dream Lightly will continue in its usual vein of talking about a little of everything and nothing in particular, and I honestly won’t ever expect you to visit the new site.

However, if you are among the ten percent of people who might be interested in hearing about my struggle with chronic illness (and how I don’t really like that word) and other bizarre health issues you’ve probably never heard of, as well as reading my amusing thoughts on life in general (particularly my own), I would direct you to my new blog. Just Pretend You’re Dancing.

With that thought out of the way, we will now return to our irregularly scheduled programming.


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